Hanging with our Kootenay Peeps – June 5 and 6th

We’ve had a great couple of days in Salmo, a small town just outside of Nelson.  Yesterday Guy went to Nelson for a looky loo with our travelling companions Bill and Joka.




I stayed in Salmo with my friends Anna and Peter and Heidi and visited with them all day and helped with party prep.  Anna invited all the neighbors over for a BBQ.  It was great meeting of lovely people.

Today, Peter and Guy and I cycled above Nelson along the decommissioned Burlington Northern Railway line with its great vistas of Nelson and Kootenay Lake.





Then we split up.  Guy and Peter went across the orange bridge in Nelson in search of an old abandoned property with old trees and an abandoned swimming pool.  They had fun traipsing around through the woods looking for the property.

I spent a couple of hours walking around Nelson.  I bought a couple of used books, Anne of Avonlea and a biography on Lucy Maud Montgomery.  And at another bookstore found a copy of Anne of Green Gables.  Since we are going to Prince Edward Island, I thought I would get in the mood and do some reading about the main tourist attraction of the island.  I hit the Kootenanay Coop at its new location and loaded up on healthy road food for our trip to Revelstoke tomorrow.  Gotta keep my driver fueled.

Then we went to Oso Negro, the most funky coffee shop around.  We love it there.  Beautiful coffee, gorgeous landscaping and setting.  We always  come to Oso when we come to Nelson.

Tonight we had dinner out at the Salmo golf course together and toasted all of our upcoming endeavors.  Life is so full and each one of us has something to toast and celebrate.


Tommorrow we bid our friends adieu and head out to the Slocan Valley to make our way to the ferry to Revelstoke.

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