A Brake in Oliver – Monday June 4th

Monday started out brilliantly.  We got up after a long sleep and made oats and coffee in the sunshine.  Afterwards, I took a walk and Guy started a painting.



This painting was inspired by the phantom house on the hill above the campsite.  He actually painted from a photo that he took the night before just as the sun set.



The skies parted after the rain,  and the sun was poking out  creating a pink backdrop behind the house. The painting conveys the intense color of the sky very well.



The tone of the day changed shortly thereafter and it was a lesson on the fact that we can have a plan and timing in mind about where we want to be but we need to be open that things can change on a dime and there will be delays.  When I wrote this post, we were sitting in front of an automotive shop in Oliver getting our brakes fixed. When we stopped for gas just before Oliver, Guy noticed the rear brakes were really hot and pungent with the brake smell. We found out that the rear brake pads were sticking due to the calipers not releasing in the rear wheels . We tried three other shops before this one but they were all booked up with jobs.  This family operation was so helpful  and accommodating.  We sat  and waited in front of their shop, I hooked up to power and charging all our devices while writing the blog and Guy doing a Sudoku.  The sun was shining, and it was very pleasant there. Couldn’t have picked a better day to sit in front of a repair shop.  They had us fixed up in a few hours.  We are glad the problem surfaced in Oliver and not in the middle of the Rockies and thankful to Shade Tree Repairs in Oliver for fitting us in and helping us get on our way.

In the late afternoon and evening we made it to our destination of Salmo in the Kootenays where our good friends were waiting for us to arrive.



4 thoughts on “A Brake in Oliver – Monday June 4th

  1. What beautiful paintings !
    I love the how life often has other plans for us and teaches us to embrace the moment and go with the flow ! Invaluable lessons along the way -Enjoy the adventures 🙂
    Glad the brakes showed up where you are able to get them fixed and before hitting the mountains ! Wonderful !


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