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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Excellent. I’m really very stoked to be following your Canadian adventure.
    I travelled to Newfoundland in the fall of 1987. Canada rocks! My vehicle was of course the VIA rail train, still subsidized by the Federal Government in those days. An unlimited travel pass for students anywhere in Canada for 30 days (for those 24 and under in age) was $360 back then. I went as far as Port A Basques in Newfoundland.
    My advice…
    Find a grizzled groovy sea faring type to take you both to St.Pierre and Michelon. When you get there, eat cheap French cheese, and wash it down with even cheaper French wine.
    Explore every road you might find interesting….If you’re wondering where it goes, turn off and drive down it, see for yourself….
    Stop the car, get out and walk around every building you see that takes your fancy…
    Stop and hug that lonely really rather far out tree at the side of the road you see, take pictures, take more, and then just when you think you’ve taken too many, take even more, you will never have enough, trust me.
    Hug a Grain elevator.
    Have a picnic in the middle of the prairies.
    Eat the local food. Talk to people, Stop in the smallest of towns in the middle of nowhere.
    Drink local beers, listen to local music.
    Camp out at the side of the road in Alberta and watch the stars at night,
    When you feel like saying NO, say YES, go for it…
    Yes indeed, you are in for a fantastic adventure.
    Enjoy it all, you may not do it again……

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  2. June 1, 2018
    Today is the start of your great adventure. Safe travels and hope you have a wonderful trip.
    Keep in contact. See you in halifax.
    Caroline and Alex
    Your mother also sends her wishes.


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