Drumheller to Cypress Hills to Saskatchewan – June 15th and June 16th in the morning.

We took a country road out to the #1 from Drumheller yesterday morning.



Its amazing how you can feel so lonely out on the roads here.  Makes us wonder sometimes if we are  going in the right direction or if we are lost and don’t know it yet.  And a bizarre thing is we don’t see many people in the farming areas.  You’ll see houses, and farms and animals and machinery, but not people.  Yesterday we saw a person and it caused a bunch of  excitement.  “Guy, there’s a person!!!!”.  It was almost the highlight of our day.

We got off the TransCanada and headed towards Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park.


Cypress Hills is like it sounds, a more mountainous treed area of the South East corner of Alberta and the South West Corner of Saskatchewan.  The park straddles both provinces. We spent the afternoon walking and bike riding along the lake and in the forest.


In the evening, we had a campfire complete with smores.  It was our first campfire since the trip begun.

June 16th

Its been quite cloudy and rainy on our trip so far.  It is June however.  Just hoping my Jazz Fest friends back in Gibsons have a good weather day today and a terrific festival.  Miss you guys.

This morning, we awoke to the call of the wild.  Guy heard the moose calls first.  I got up at 5:30am to catch up on the blog.  The moose were really vocal in the woods nearby.  I recorded them and sent the recording to my friend Bern.  I knew she would be up and I thought it would be a funny way to start her day.  We had a good texting session back and forth.

A bit later I was typing away on the blog and something rustled in the bushes nearby, something bigger than a squirrel.  It was a wild turkey and it strutted down the road making its mildly irritating noise.  It’s fan of feathers was quite impressive however.


When travelling, or even when not travelling,  it is good to get up early and see a different perspective on the world when things are quiet and peaceful.

Today we are on the road.  We just passed the border into Saskatchewan.


We are on our way to Grassland National Park to find us some rattlesnakes.  Actually no, snakes our my greatest fear so I’ll be putting on my hip waders  soon.  Catch up later.

PSS – A mama duck and nine baby ducklings newly hatched cause a big commotion with our vehicles and heavy duty transport trucks as they tried to make their way across the highway.  Everyone slowed and veered away from them.  We think they safely made it.


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